Guidance for those who entry


  • Anyone, Everyone, All humanity
  • No matter whether you are old or young,
    No matter whether you are disabled or healthy,
    No matter whether you are W or M or X,
    No matter what color your skin is,
    “HATARAKUHITO” is a place where everyone can write their wishes to work.
    If you want to work in Japan, please post your wish to work.
    Posting is possible in your native language.
    We translate into Japanese.

  • Tips for getting a job in Japan
  • The main information displayed is “about yourself” and “reasons for job-hunting in Japan”.
    Recruiters in Japan decide on hiring based on these two pieces of information.
    Posting “about yourself” and “reasons for job-hunting in Japan” in detail is the most important.

  • Connect even after being hired
  • Did you know the movie “The Agent” produced in the US in 1996?
    Our goal is to connect with you like a sports agent in the movie.
    We will connect you with the employer, and we will support you even after you’re hired.
    As long as you work in Japan, we will support you.


    Support contact


    To register for “HATARAKUHITO”


    You access the entry page above and enter the required items.

    Items to be entered as non-public information
  • Name
  • Email adress
  • Phone
  • Your coutry & city

    Items to be entered as public information
  • About yourself
  • Reasons for job-hunting in Japan
  • The type of employment you want
  • The industry you want to work for
  • Where you want to work(Currently recruiting is only in Osaka or Hyogo.)
  • Age ex)the 80’s,the 20’s
  • Annual income you want
  • Other details and What you want to write
  • User name
    Once you have entered and sent the above items, the page will be released after confirmation by ”HATARAKUHITO” Secretariat.

    Support contact


    Support of HATARAKUHITO

    Once you have got a job using “HATARAKUHITO”, we will support you free of charge for one year.
    We are waiting for good news from you.
    ※Cannot support freelance outsourcing contracts.

    Try to work, “It’s different from the first condition! ”
    In such a case, please contact “HATARAKUHITO”. We will try to solve it.


    You have to move to work in a new workplace!
    In such a case, please contact “HATARAKUHITO”.We will support your moving.


    You want to retire because the workplace doesn’t suit!
    In such a case, please contact “HATARAKUHITO”. We will try to solve it.

    We cannot provide outrageous support.
    But we will discuss the problem with you. And we will solve the problem.
    Contact me for anything.The staff in charge will respond.


    Support contact


    About congratulatory money

    If you get a job, you should contact us.
    We will give you a congratulatory money.

    full-time employee
    JPY 10,000円
    Part-time employee
    Training underneath someone



    Support contact


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