Handyman in Japan

I’m a freelancer in Japan.
I expect to be asked to do the job.
Why don’t you ask me for a job that can be done in Japan?

For example,

  • photograph your memorable places in Japan
  • Do you have a memorable place in Japan?
    Would you like to know what that memorable place looks like now?
    Leave it to me.
    I will photograph your memorable places in Japan.

  • surprise your Japanese friends
  • Want to surprise your Japanese friends?
    You should think of a production that will surprise your friends.
    I will follow your direction and visit your friends.
    Your friends will be surprised and delighted.

  • If you’re an Instagrammer
  • Do you want an original Japanese photo?
    Leave it to me.
    I will take the Japanese photos and videos you request.

  • trying to buy real estate in Japan?
  • If you’re looking to buy a Japanese property,
    you should look at the current state of that property.
    Leave it to me.
    I will survey the property on your behalf in Japan.

    Something else,
    I will take other jobs that you want me to do in Japan.
    ※Whether you are an individual or a corporation, I am happy to take on the job.
    ※The actual cost of public transportation will be charged separately.
    ※Upon request, a confidentiality agreement will be signed.

    motiveI’m a freelancer in Japan who takes on miscellaneous tasks for companies.
    This time, I want to be helpful to those who are unable to enter Japan due to covid-19.
    compensationsubject to negotiation
    user namefukuju


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